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As many of our families are currently experiencing a deployment with their loved one away assisting in areas that have been affected by flooding, we have decided to postpone this event until June 14. We want to make sure that as many family members as possible will be able to attend. If you have already registered for this event, you do not have to register again.

Heart & Home Heroes Nomination Form Tell us your story

Do you have a funny or inspiring story from your last deployment?  We want to hear it.

On June 14, the PMFRC will be hosting Heart & Home Heroes, a special evening to recognize those military family members who ’kept the home fire burning’ while their loved one was away.

As part of the evening, we will be presenting awards for:

- the funniest deployment story
- the most heartwarming story
- the best survival story
- most supportive
- the best deployment advice

The submissions will be considered by an independent panel of judges, and winners for each category will be announced on June 14 at the event.

Send us your submissions today, using the form below.  The deadline to submit your entry is June 4. You may enter more than one category, but there is a limit of one story per category.

Please note:  entering a submission does not mean that you are registered for this event.  If you have not yet registered, please go to this page to register.

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Although it may not have seemed funny at the time! / Cela n’a peut-être pas semblé drôle à l’époque, mais les obstacles auxquels nous sommes confrontés lors d’un déploiement sont parfois très amusants.
Break out the tissues! These stories always make us cry.
Tell us how you dealt with Murphy's Law. / Dites-nous comment vous avez géré la loi de Murphy
Tell us how you supported a deployed family member - or how someone supported you when your loved one was deployed. / Dites-nous comment vous avez soutenu un membre d’une famille déployé - ou comment quelqu'un vous a soutenu lorsque votre proche a été déployé.
What one piece of advice would you give to a new Military spouse facing a deployment?