A flower for you on Mother's Day

More than two hundred mothers will be getting a surprise this week in the form of a flower and a message from their appreciative partner.

The idea to deliver flowers to moms who found themselves alone on Mother’s Day was sparked by the PMFRC Deployment Volunteer Committee.  The team has been working together to find ways to support deployed families.

“We wanted mothers to be recognized for all that they do even though their partners are away,” explains Frances Priest, Deployment Support Coordinator for the PMFRC.  

Kerry Long said that she was shocked when she opened her door on Thursday afternoon.  “I actually really needed this. It’s been a rough couple of days.”

Image Source: PMFRC

Over the course of two days, 230 flowers will be delivered across Renfrew County. Each mother will receive a Gerbera Daisy from Kevin’s Flowers and a special note recognizing how important they are to their families. Mothers will also get an invisible ribbon, secured by a Canadian flag, to recognize those who continue to wear an invisible uniform every day.

PMFRC Volunteer Coordinator Christina McFadden recruited members of the Deployment Volunteer Committee.  The group is committed to help create a strong support system for military spouses.  

“I know what it’s like to be alone for many special occasions, like anniversaries and birthdays,” says committee member Kristina Dungey.  “I wanted to acknowledge that these occasions are being missed. I don’t want others to experience being alone.”

Sgt Steve Holdom, from 1RCR, said it well when he explained that volunteering on the committee “gives you a chance to be involved in your spouse’s deployment from home, by taking care of other spouses. Volunteering brings us all together as a family.”

From left to right: MCpl Shane Wilson, Sgt Steve Holdom, Frances Priest, Deployment Coordinator and committee member Kristina Dungey (image source PMFRC)

Thank you to Frances Priest, the PMFRC Deployment Volunteer Committee, and members of 1RCR including MCpl Shane Wilson, Sgt Steve Holdom, Maj Ryan Moore, MWO Mike Hawthorn, and Cpl Frank Goodall from the 1RCR Kit Shop.

For information about Deployment Support Services provided by the PMFRC, please call Frances at (613) 687-7587 ext. 3257 or email deployment.pmfrc@bellnet.ca.

If you are interested in being part of the Deployment Volunteer Committee, please contact Christina McFadden at (613) 687-2104 ext. 242 or by emailing volc.pmfrc@bellnet.ca.