Military Fitness Classes

How to Book a Class

To book a PSP lead fitness class, please have your Units Ops and Trg contact your Unit Fitness and Sports Instructor.

It is encouraged that to book a class you must have a minimum of 8 pers. If not, we will add your group in with others to maximize our classes

Classes available to book:
-Speed, Agility and Quickness and running
- Functional Fitness
-Pool training– cardio, muscular, stroke improvement, circuit trg, fun swim, relays, waterpolo, basketball,
-Combat/Austere Training
-Spin classes – can mix with step, core, skip, foam rolling
-Circuits –full body, upper/lower workout, tempo training, speed and agility, muscular, cardio, sport conditioning
-Core Stability
-Yoga/foam rolling/flexibility and mobility
-Hill training/tempo training
-Olympic Lifting – technique, form

Classes can be taught in different environments (based on weather and availability)
-outdoors on grass/track/trail/hills/beach
-At Unit lines
We work with various exercise equipment which include:
BOSU, steps, bands, TRX, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine ball slams sleds, battleropes, focus pads, skipping ropes, airdyne bikes, concept 2 rowers, climbing ropes, rings, barbells, dumbells , plus more…