Butt Out Tobacco Cessation Program

BUTT OUT Tobacco Cessation Program For Military Personnel who are ready to quit tobacco!

Strengthening the Forces smoking cessation program aka BUTT OUT is going through a review. Think of it as Butt Out 2.0! As we adapt our approaches to nicotine cessation programs, we have a variety of options to continue supporting you.

Call local 6090 to discuss your options for over-the-counter nicotine replacement products and prescriptions to help you cope with cravings while quitting.

Health Promotion
Visit CAF Connection and view the "Smoking: Let's Kick Some Butt" Webinar series available under Health Promotion Webinars 'Virtual Programs'. EMAIL Garrison Petawawa Health Promotion Team for more information.

Mobile Apps
Tracking your quitting effort has a positive impact on your success. Find one that works for you and your Quit Coach is with you wherever you go!

Apps for Quitting Smoking

Quitting nicotine with your partner/ spouse? Having a Quit Buddy can boost your overall support. They can access the West Champlain Family Health smoking cessation program. They will be supported by a trained counsellor, and have access to nicotine replacement products, call 613-585-3530.

Canadian Cancer Society has two excellent websites providing online support and programming:
Smokers Help Line or call 1-866-797-0000
Run To Quit 
Looking for more Support? Check these sites out!

Canadian Cancer Society 
Lung Association
National Butt Out Information

Please see our schedules for Health Promotion courses.