Injury Prevention & Active Living

Injury Prevention and Active Living

CAF leaders recognize that injury prevention is an important consideration in everyday life and seek to find every opportunities to operationalize injury prevention strategies in the working or physical training environment for CAF personnel.  Injuries have a significant negative impact on operational readiness in terms of reducing the number of “good to go” personnel, increasing the stress on limited military personnel, creating long-term disability and consuming limited health care resources.  Considering that injuries are often the result of inaction, it is important that everyone in the CAF realizes that we all share an injury prevention responsibility and can make a significant difference. 

Surveys consistently show that approximately 50% of all CAF injuries occur during sports and physical activity – two activities that the CAF has historically depended heavily on to help develop and maintain the health and physical fitness of its military personnel.  Running causes the greatest number of physical injuries in the CAF. While leg injuries are the most frequently reported injuries, a significant number of active Regular Force members report that they experience chronic lower back pain. Research indicates that 80 to 95% of all injuries are preventable and this reinforces the value of initiating preventative strategies.

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