Managing Angry Moments

Managing Angry Moments

Anger is a strong emotion. Did you know that an average person experiences one anger related incident each day? As an emotional state, anger can vary in intensity, duration and frequency and is even accompanied by physiological changes!

The MAM Course: What is it all about?
MAM is a prevention-oriented psycho-educational course that is based on best practises effective in helping participants identify personal anger generating situations and applying learned skills. Its purpose is to examine and learn to address issues of anger while they are still manageable: escalation to physical or verbal aggression can then be avoided.

Is MAM for you?
MAM is for any CAF personnel and their adult family members who would like to learn how to effectively manage moments of anger in the face of triggering circumstances. It is designed to meet the needs of non-violent and/or aggressive individuals. MAM is a health promotion course it is not counselling or treatment.

What are the benefits of participating?
Participants who complete the MAM course experience improved relationships in the workplace, at home and in the community, enhanced team cohesion, more effective problem solving skills and reduced levels of stress and anxiety when faced with anger generating events and circumstances.

Why offer a course on managing anger?

Until the introduction of MAM, CAF members who wanted to manage their anger more effectively had few options. In the CAF, there were two programs - Mental Health Treatment or Alternate Dispute Resolution. Mental health treatment focuses its intervention efforts on domestic violence issues and alternate dispute resolution focuses its activities on workplace conflict.

The MAM Course
Delivered by Health Promotion personnel in an interactive learning environment, MAM is divided into seven modules. Each module lasts approximately 2 hours. The modules are as follows:

1. Understanding Anger

2. Anger, Stress and Mental Fitness
3. Trigger Thoughts, Coping Thoughts and Strategies
4. Reframing Thinking Errors
5. Assertive Communication: Resolving Conflicts While Managing Anger
6. Managing Anger with Forgiveness
7. Maintaining Positive Changes

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Registration Form
Please note: Pre registration is mandatory. Appropriate authorization is required for course attendance. Please forward completed form to StF by: Fax: 588-4701 Email: or Garrison Mail to Health Promotion Office, Dundonald Hall Bldg P118.