Stress Take Charge

Stress: Take Charge Think stress is all in your head? Think again!

Stress: Take Charge is a stress management program specifically designed for the Canadian Military as part of Strengthening the Forces which seeks to improve the health and well being of the serving member. This course will help you build personal stress management skills that improve your health and well-being. It offers a skill-based and effective approach to managing stress. It is a self-directed approach to stress management through self-awareness, behavioural change and skill building. Participants will be empowered in stress management by identifying strategies that they already use and will be encouraged to practice and implement new strategies in order to optimize their stress hardiness. 

Want to improve how you respond to daily stressors? Stress management can be a force multiplier! Stress management is a daily balancing act that has an impact on physical and mental well being.  The Stress: Take Charge program consists of six, two hour modules filled with information and opportunities to learn new skills:

  • Understand the stress reaction in the military context;
  • Choose and practice specific skills that will decrease stress and build resilience; and
  • Benefit from regular practice of the relaxation response.

Please see our schedules for Health Promotion course dates. 

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Please note: Pre registration is mandatory. Appropriate authorization is required for course attendance. Please forward completed form to StF by fax at 613-588-4701 or EMAIL or Garrison Mail.