2018 Iron Warrior

2018 Iron Warrior

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Track the Day 2 Athletes

2 CMBG IRON WARRIOR to be held on 6 & 7 September 2018.

The 2 CMBG IRON WARRIOR is a marquee event held each year, which challenges soldiers both physically and mentally over a 50km course.  As in years past, we welcome participants from across 4 Cdn Div and CAF writ large to participate. 

This year 06 September will be open to individual competitors and units outside of 2
CMBG, while 07 September will be reserved for 2 CMBG major unit competition. 

Warning orders, registration and OPI contact, refer to the link below:

Iron Warrior 2018 (accessible via DWAN only)

Medical Briefing

CinnaCoco Protein Powder Recovery Beverage​