2019 Iron Warrior

2019 Iron Warrior

2 CMBG IRON WARRIOR to be held on 5 & 6 September 2019.

The 2 CMBG IRON WARRIOR is a marquee event held each year, which challenges soldiers both physically and mentally over a 50km course.  As in years past, we welcome participants from across 4 Cdn Div and CAF writ large to participate. 

This year 05 September will be open to individual competitors and units outside of 2
CMBG, while 06 September will be reserved for 2 CMBG major unit competition. 

Registration 2019 Instructions
  1. Team Captains fill out the registration form for all unit members and return via email to Necole.Miller@forces.gc.ca and cc Maj Klima, event OPI at Alastair.Klima@forces.gc.ca, please register for the appropriate day of competition.
  2. Any Civilian members should be highlighted on the registration form. Civilians must also contact Maj Klima for approval of participation
  3. Out of area Individuals registering must also complete the registration form and return via email as per above instruction.
  4. Further information on the Registration process will follow in regards to fund raising for the event. This information will be sent to the Team Captains to disseminate to all team and/or unit participants.
  5. Number of registrants will be limited by the number of available canoes. If we need to make any changes to your team list, we will notify the Team Captain.
September 5th Registration             September 6th Registration




2019 Iron Warrior Schedule

Date Time Event
4 September 1100 hrs Competitor Brief
All Competitors
4 September 1300-1600 hrs Registration
Day 1 Competitors
at PTT
5 September 0230 hrs Doors open at DDH
Ruck Pick Up
foam rollers available for use if required
5 September 0400 hrs Day 1 Race Begins
5 September 1300-1600 hrs Registration
Day 2 Competitors
at PTT
6 September 0230 Doors open at DDH
Ruck Pick Up
foam rollers available for use if required
6 September 0400 hrs Day 2 Race Begins
Good Luck to all Iron Warrior 2019 Competitors
Pictures will be posted on this page after the Race once they are available, so keep checking back.

Iron Warrior General Training Program

Mobility Training

Training Schedule

Performance Nutrition Tips

Iron Mudslide Recovery Drink

Iron Warrior 2019 Fueling Plan