2021 Iron Warrior

2021 Iron Warrior

2 CMBG IRON WARRIOR to be held 11 & 12 September 2021.

The 2 CMBG IRON WARRIOR is a marquee event held each year, which challenges soldiers both physically and mentally. 

This year Iron Warrior will run over two days. Participation of non-Garrison Petawawa based personnel will be dependent on COVID 19 regulations at the time of competition. Priority will be given to 2 CMBG participants.

Be advised that as the situation continues to evolve and depending on restrictions,
plans could still change.

Summary of Changes as of 7 June 2021
  1. Day 1: Sprint Option. Approximately 21 km
  2. Day 2: Marathon Option. Approximately 42 km
  3. Load carriage weight for rucksacks is determined by approximate percentage of bodyweight based on the three weight classes listed below. Consumables such as food, water, and accessories such as headphones are all permitted but not included as part of pack weight.
    1. ≤ 175 lbs : 25 lbs Ruck
    2. 176-219 lbs : 30lbs Ruck
    3. ≥ 220 lbs : 35 lbs Ruck
  4. All participants will be permitted to wear footwear of choice.
  5. To register, all participants will be required to donate a minimum of $20. Funds raised will be donated to a local charity. A decision has yet to be made on which charity will be selected as the beneficiary for this year’s event.

Registration 2021 Instructions 
  1. Team Captains will complete the registration form for all unit members and return via email to Jesse.Cassista@forces.gc.ca and cc Capt Bowes and MWO LeClair, event OPI at Charles.Bowes@forces.gc.ca and Eric.Leclair2@forces.gc.ca. Please register for the appropriate day of competition.
  2. Number of registrants will be limited by the number of available canoes. If we need to make any changes to your team list, Team Captain will be notified.
  3. Registration Deadlines:
    1. 06 August 2021 for Marathon
    2. 13 August 2021 for Sprint
Registration Form 

Race Day Schedule
  • Competitors will leave the start line every 45s
  • Race Day and start time will be determined by lottery
  • Competitors will set canoe up the day prior to competition
  • Ruck will not be left overnight, it will  be weighed the morning of competition, only member will touch ruck

Iron Warrior Training Program

Fueling for Performance - Iron Warrior Edition

Alcohol & Performance
Caffeine & Perfomance
Nutrient Timing

Do you have any questions or want to book a talk?  Contact us at HealthPromotionPetawawa@cfmws.com