Booking a Unit Fitness Class

Booking a Unit Fitness Class

Class Booking Information

  1. PSP Fitness Rep will send the POC at the unit an information sheet for the class location and size as far in advance as possible. 
  2. The unit POC  will register members using appropriate tab at the bottom of this database. POC will need to fill in class location on sheet and return it to the PSP Fitness Rep NLT Thursday noon of the week prior to  the class.  All classes running each week will need separate registration sheets. 
  3. If Outdoor classes must  be cancelled due to weather, unit PSP Fitness Rep will contact the Unit POC will be as soon as possible
  4. There will be no last minute substitutes, as this will cut into the time allotted for the class.  You can contact your PSP Fitness Rep to switch out one or two names prior to the date if need be, but try to miniimze as much as possible. Due to the instructors working rotating schedules, please cc the + PSP Military Fitness account on last minute changes.
  5. Class times will be one hour in length. 45 mins alloted for workout and 15 mins at the end allotted for cleaning of equipment.

Unit PT Class Registration

Participant Information

  1. Mask is required, you will not need to wear the mask while working out, but you will need to wear it until you arrrive at your workout station. You will also need to wear it during cleaning of equipment.
  2. Water - outdoor classes will not have water available, so bring your own. Indoor classes, only the bottle refill will be available at the fountains, so bring your own or at least a waterbottle to refill as required. If you are booked for a class outside, you will not be able to access indoor facility to refill.
  3. Washrooms - Outdoor classes will not have washroom facilities available, but classes inside will. If you are booked for a class outside, you will not be able to access the indoor facility for the washroom.
  4. Changerooms will not be available for any classes. Participants should come ready to workout. 
  5. Equipment will be provided, but if you would prefer to bring your own, please do. 
  6. Participants will be asked to leave following the class. If they need to discuss something with their unit's PSP Rep, they can do so by making an appointment via email outside of PT timings.