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Military Fitness Department

Dundonald Hall Building P-118
57 Festubert Blvd
Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3
​613-687-5511 x7114

To book a Test or a Class please have  your Unit's Ops & Trg cell contact Fitness Coordinator at ext 7129 or EMAIL.

NAME                   UNITS  PHONE  EMAIL
  Garrison Switch Board  613-687-5511  
Rick McKie Manager Fitness and Sports ext 7188 Mr R McKie
Jesse Cassista Military Fitness Coordinator
Bde HQ
ext 7129 Mr J Cassista
    ext 7322  
Deidre Myler 1 RCR, CSOR Training, Pathfinder Training ext 7064 Ms D Myler
Amy Coveney 3 RCR, CSOR Training, Pathfinder Training ext 4806 Ms A Coveney
Rebecca Eagles 2 RCHA , JTF 2 Training ext 7320 Ms R Eagles
Stephen  Bowden RCD, CFSSU, 4 CDSB, JTF 2 Training, Clearance Diver ext 7500 Mr S Bowden
Adeline Mutembanema 1 CFH, CMED, 4 CDTC, SAR Tech Training ext 7178 Ms A Mutembanema
Pam Pyke 2 Svc Bn, 12 MI Pl, 2 MP ext 7717 Ms P Pyke
Kyle Wolfer Reserves  ext 7136 Mr K Wolfer
Jacquline Maisonneuve 2 Fd Amb, 450 THS, 1 Dental, Clearance Diver ext 3521 Ms J Maisonneuve
James Pearson HQ & Sigs, 2 CER, SAR Tech ext 7887 Mr J Pearson
Katie Kennedy Physical Exercise Specialist ext 2891 Ms. K Kennedy
Megan Donovan Reconditioning Manager ext 6482 Ms M Donovan