Military Fitness Classes
Drop In fitness classes at 0600hrs have been cancelled.

Military Fitness Classes

PSP Fitness Instructor Led Class

To book a PSP led fitness class, please have Unit Ops and Trg contact your Unit Fitness and Sports Instructor.  It is encouraged that to book a class ,you must have a minimum of 8 pers. If not, we will add your group in with others to maximize our classes. Classes can be taught in different environments including indoors or outdoors at a PSP facility, or at the unite lines.

Class Options
  • Speed, Agility and Running
  • Functional Fitness
  • Pool Training or Aquatic Related Sports
  • Combat/Austere Training
  • Spin 
  • Circuits 
  • Core Stability
  • Yoga, Foam Rolling, Flexibility and Mobility
  • Hill and Tempo training
  • Olympic Lifting

JTF 2 Pre-Selection Fitness Classes July - October

PSP led fitness classes that provide structure, periodization and implementation of proper exercise technique for safe and effective selection preparation.  

Classes run week days and include various strength, conditioning, yoga, mobility and pool training sessions. Workshops on mental agility, tactical breathing, injury prevention, sleep, recovery and proper nutrition will be provided in conjunction with classes.

Participants must pass the pre-selection fitness test and have approval for application and attendance from Chain of Command.  Contact Amy Coveney, PSP Fitness Leader, for more information at EMAIL.