Military Fitness Training Programs

Military Fitness Training Programs

The ongoing pandemic has made it more challenging than ever to maintain personal  fitness. With this in mind, the PSP Petawawa Military Fitness Team has been hard at work creating something special for our clients.

Ruck & Run

Are you ready to ruck? Rucking Bear 2021 is coming!

Ensure your rucking skills are up to par with our newest Ruck & Run program. Improve your cardiovascular endurance and prepare your body for the high impact of rucking and running with this 15-week program.

Ruck & Run Training Program

JTF2 Program

Contact your unit’s PSP fitness instructor starting today to get access to the program. This program includes assessments, programming, videos, and more to guide you through every step on the road to success!

Mobility Program

Assess, don’t guess, when it comes to your mobility. Follow along with a program designed to improve your mobility, reduce injury risk, and help you on your way to leading a pain-free life.

Use this program on its own or as a supplement to your regular training program.

Mobility Program (printable) 

Mobility Assesment Videos   

FORCE Prep Program

Designed to help improve strength, conditioning, mobility AND a military member's FORCE Evaluation scores.

Follow along with this progressive 12-week program and challenge yourself to perform at your best on your next FORCE Evaluation. This program utilizes minimal equipment and guides you through each movement so you never feel lost or overwhelmed.

FORCE Prep Program

Phase 1        Phase 2        Phase 3

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