Military Physical Training

Military Physical Training

Our primary goal in the Military Fitness Department is to help prepare Canadian Armed Forces personnel for the physical rigors of today's complex and demanding operating environments. We do this by designing fitness programs which help you optimize your fitness and operational effectiveness. We are there to assist members in reaching and exceeding their goals by providing training that will enhance their quality of life and meet their operational effectiveness. 

Unit PT
This is a cardio/strength mixed class with minimal equipment and minimal rest.  We focus on body weight exercises, quick transitions and easy fundamental exercises that do not take a lot of time to explain how they are done. This is a high intensity group fitness class.

Instructor Led Class
This is an instructor led fitness class for all levels with modifications as required. It is an intense interval session including both cardio and muscular strength.  Participants are working near their maximum effort using varied anaerobic interval times building in rest and recovery periods.  There is also a focus on stretching and mobility work.  Class options include, but are not limited to Functional Fitness, Pool Training, Combat/Austere Training, Spin, Circuits, Core Stability, Yoga, Flexibility and Mobility and Olympic Lifting.

Unit PT and instructor led classes can be taught in different environments including indoors or outdoors at a PSP facility or at the unit lines.  To book a class, please have your Unit's Ops and Trg cell contact your Unit Fitness and Sports Instructor.  It is encouraged that to book a class, you must have a minimum of 8 pers. If not, we will add your group in with others to maximize our classes. 

Pre-Selection Physical Training
Pre-selection Physical Training is a program designed for Canadian Armed Forces members who would like to challenge themselves and attempt a specialty trade selection. The programs are designed to prepare CAF members for the physical and mental rigors of JTF 2, SARTech, Firefighter or CSOR selection by providing structure, periodization and implementation of proper exercise technique for safe and effective preparation.  Classes run daily and include various strength, conditioning, yoga, mobility and pool training sessions. Participants must pass the pre-selection fitness test and have approval for application and attendance from Chain of Command.​

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