Reconditioning Program

Reconditioning Program

The PSP Reconditioning Program supports Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members as they recover from illness or injury through customized exercise, training plans, and access to adapted sports/recreational activities. The Program is designed to help ill and injured members as they recover, support them in returning to active duties, and improve their quality of life as quickly and safely as possible.

The PSP Reconditioning Program builds upon the principles established by the CF Health and Physical Fitness Strategy – a roadmap for improving the fitness of the CAF as a whole – and the individualized care for the ill and injured provided through the Joint Personnel Support Unit (JPSU) and the CF Rehabilitation Program. The PSP Reconditioning Program works in partnership with the JPSU, Soldier On, and CF Health Services, all of whom provide dedicated support to soldiers recovering from illnesses and injuries. This shared approach ensures a seamless transition between physical rehabilitation and physical fitness reconditioning, which is crucial to developing personnel’s functional independence and returning to active duties.

While the PSP Reconditioning Program provides seamless, consistent services, it is also designed to recognize that no two paths to recovery are the same, and there is no cookie cutter approach to regaining physical fitness. The PSP Reconditioning Program is flexible and adaptable to support each military member in achieving their personal fitness and health goals, and may include participation in health promotion activities, fitness training sessions, sports, recreation, Soldier On activities, and other community activities. Each plan takes into consideration the participant’s comfort level with different activities, physical capabilities, and access to equipment and programs on base as well as in the community.
Reconditioning Program
Referral is required from physio or MO.

Monday - Friday | 0730-0900hrs | Dundonald Hall 
Low impact activity for members who are pregnant and wanting to continue being active through pregnancy. Must have a medical referral to participate in Prenatal PT.

Wednesdays 1300-1400hrs | Dundonald Hall Pool
Post Natal
This class is designed for those who are on maternity leave and require strength and conditioning to get back to unit level PT. Focus will be on restoring core strength, addressing pelvic floor, postural and movement pattern corrections and strength and cardiovascular training.

Monday and Wednesday 1000-1100hrs | Dundonald Hall Pool