Warrior Performance Education Series

Warrior Performance Education Series

The Warrior Performance Education Series includes both lecture and practical sessions. All sessions are planned to cover a one hour period, one hour per lecture and one hour per practical. We understood when planning the series that we would need to be as flexible as possible in order for it to work for military members. That is the reason that each is one hour in length and can also be booked based on your unit's schedule. For example, if you only have one hour a week, we can slowly introduce the series as you do not have to book the lecture and practical back to back.

All lectures and practical portions are based on scientific research. The aim is to educate our military members on why they are doing the exercises they do, how to do them effectively to increase physical performance and/or fitness and increasing overall health while educating members on injury reduction.
Warrior Performance Topics
Load Bearing March (LBM) – this includes recommendations for injury prevention as well as training considerations based on research regarding LBM.  Risk Factors

Mental Skills Training for Athletic Performance – Strategies to improve mental performance and how it relates to physical performance.

Mobility, Proper Warm Up/Cool Down (lecture and practical based) – updated information and trends on topic.

Core Health (lecture and practical based) - reviews the importance of keeping your back strong. 

Sleep and Athletic Performance – how sleep affects your performance.

Progression for Performance (lecture and practical based) – reviews what progression is and how it applies to a well-rounded program, a brief intro into periodization and how it relates to progression, and covers regressions/progressions of common exercises.

Back to Basics – why you need to start at the basics and not just do HIIT training or the latest fad.

The Right Mix on Programming Basics – different elements that should be included in a well-rounded program.

Rest, Recovery and Overtraining – review of the importance of rest and recovery in your training plan and how it can affect your performance.

Nutrition for Training – reviews importance of proper nutrition and how it can affect your performance.

Breathing and Bracing - review diffrent tyes of breathing and the importance of diaphragmatic breathing as it can improve core muscle stability, improve the body’s ability to tolerate intense exercise, and lowers the chances of injury.

Let us further your fitness knowledge! Book a Warrior Performance Education Series through our Department.