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PMFRC Online Workshops & Resources

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Online Learning Support

  • Children's Deployment Support Program Newsletter: visit our CDSP page  to sign up for and download editions of the CDSP Newsletter, which includes recommended activities, tips and tricks for parents, as well as topics for conversations about deployment with your school aged children.
  • Brain and Body Movement video: Join Sarah and Rory for a routine that supports learning through movement and is great to do before school work or quiet time.
  • Weekly Homework Helper:  Click here to find ideas and resources for home schooling.
  • Resources for Language Learning:  Click here for Tips & Tricks

Activities for Children

   Click here to download and print the
   Discovering Petawawa BINGO
   activity for the whole family. 

Click here to find the following, courtesy of Play Troop/EarlyON Child and Family Centre with the PMFRC:
  • Circle Time Singalong with Miss Sue:  Kids can sing along to all of their Circle Time favourites from home.
  • Brain and Body Movement video: Join Sarah and Rory for a routine that is great to do before school work or quiet time.
  • Kid Friendly Recipes:  Four great meals to make and eat together.
  • Fun with Science: a video demonstrating the importance of using soap to deal with germs and instructions for other fun experiments. Prepare to be amazed!
  • Apre-midi créatif 0 - 6: Les familles passeront du temps ensemble à créer une empreinte de la main personnalisée «tiens ma main».  
  • Science Time Slime:  Learn how to make ooey gooey slime at home!
  • DIY Bubble Foam:  Learn how to make Bubble Foam as a fun indoor/outdoor activity for your kids 0-6 years of age.
  • DIY Sidewalk Chalk Paint:  Get your 7-12 year old kids outside to create sidewalk chalk paint masterpieces!
  • DIY Rain Stick:  Have fun and make music with your very own rain stick!  Suitable for 0-6 year olds.


Click here for our Monthly Virtual Series:  At Home Date Night!
Click here to find the following leisure activities:
  • Watercolour Geode Craft video:  Follow along with Lindy's "how to" video and create a beautiful yet simple work of art you can do at home.


Visit our July Calendar of Events to register for the following:
  • Reintegration Realities: July 17 - This session will help you prepare for and manage the realities of life following a deployment. 
  • Deployment Readiness:  July 20 - Get the information you need to help your family plan for a deployment.  Topics include self-care, morale mail, OPSEC, available resources and how to make your own Deployment Wall.
Upcoming monthly events offered by our Deployment Support Team include:
  • Dare to Leap (every month we introduce a new skill to learn or practice)
  • Emergency Preparedness (staying safe in your home while your partner is away)
  • Making Connections (connecting with others who are also experiencing a deployment)
  • Parenting through Deployment (tools to help support your children during a deployment). 
  • Children's Deployment Support: Click here to learn about the Children's Deployment Support Program and register for the CDSP Newsletter.  Visit our Calendar of Events to register for our CDSP Virtual Booster Sessions.
  • Deployment Dolls:  The PMFRC has a limited number of Deployment Dolls for eligible families. Click here to review the eligibility criteria and application process.


Visit our August Calendar of Events  to register for the following:

  • Transition 101: a series of informational videos to help the partners of medically releasing CAF members understand and be better able to support them through the 3B Transition process.
  • VFP Journal Tour: a virtual tour of the Veteran Family Journal outlining the contents, tips on how to use it and how it can help to organize the paperwork related to your transition. 


Click here to find the following, courtesy of the PMFRC Mental Health team:
  • Mental Health Month Calendar: 31 simple ways to maintain your mental health.
  • Breathing Meditation Exercise (audio recording):  Click. Listen. Breathe. Relax.
  • Colouring Book Resources:  Colouring is a great way to stay calm and focussed.
  • Mindfulness Matters video (Parts 1 & 2):  A discussion about mindfulness-  being in the present moment, acknowledging and accepting our feelings.
  • Emotional Tool Kit presentation:  Learn ways to understand and manage your emotions and to support the development of emotional resilience in children.
  • Isolation and the Pandemic video:  (Parts 1 & 2):  A discussion about overcoming the challenges associated with living alone in isolation during the pandemic.
  • Make your own Gratitude Journal:  See how easy and effective it is to make and maintain a gratitude journal.
  • Reaching out...  to our Veteran Community video:  A discussion about the importance of connecting with Veterans and letting them know of available services.
  • Balance Being at Home and Working Full Time video:  A discussion about trying to manage a full time job from home and having to be all things to all people.