Bubble Soccer Bookings

Bubble Soccer Bookings Ages 10+ 

Bubble soccer is very similar to classic soccer. The objective remains to score as often as possible, except that the players on each team face off in large transparent bubbles. Your feet remain free to allow you to rush at opponents and capture the ball. 

Book Bubble Soccer for your group or corporate event and have extreme levels of fun by smashing and bumping into your opponent at full speed making him or her roll upside down and yet laugh at the same time all the while being protected by a giant inflatable bubble! You’ll be able to safely displace your opponents over several meters!

If you are always on the lookout for new thrills, want a new way to burn calories or simply seeking to undergo a therapy of laughter, the new sport of Bubble Soccer will surely satisfy one of those needs!

Rental Fee for Adult Bubbles 
$80 CAC Members / $110 NON CAC

Room Rental Fee
$60 CAC Members / $90 NON CAC

Bookings for Bubble Soccer are at the South Side Community Centre and are subject to gymnasium availability. 

For more information on bookings, please contact Britteny Robins at 613-687-5511 ext 2819 or EMAIL

Bubble Soccer Rules & Regulations