Adult Sports

Adult Sports

Community Recreation Leagues

These sports leagues are run through the PSP Petawawa Community Recreation Department and are not affiliated with the Military Sports program

Our recreation leagues offer an opportunity for friends to get together for an evening of sports and friendly competition. You can register a team or as an individual. If you register as an individual, your registration will be grouped with other singles to make a team or we can add you to a team that requests players. All of our leagues are mixed and require each team to have a minimum of 2 members of each gender on the court at all times. To qualify for the CAC rate you must have more CAC members than NON CAC.

These leagues are for all skill levels with the goal to have fun and play sports. Games are not refereed, but are self-officiated, meaning players should use good sportsmanship to ensure fun is had by both teams. Teams will have the opportunity to earn bonus points each week through Honour Points.  Honour Points are earned through team surveys at the end of each game.  Teams looking for highly competitive play are not encouraged to register in the recreational league. 
Each league is 6 weeks in length and round robin play will govern the rotation between teams. 

Recreational Volleyball League – 6 players minimum per team
Mondays/Tuesdays 7-10pm | 9 September - 22 October | Recreation Complex 

Recreational Basketball League – 5 players minimum per team
Mondays/Tuesdays 7-10pm | 28October - 9 December | Recreation Complex 

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Community Recreation Tournaments

Dodgeball Tournament - TEAM REGISTRATION

A great way to spend a Sunday with friends! Play for bragging rights as the first team to win the Golden Wrench at our inaugural Sunday Fun-day Tournament. The tournament follows round robin play and then single elimination playoffs. Bonuses are given for teams who show team spirit; put some uniforms together, make a team chant or a choreographed warmup for extra points! This tournament is for all skill levels with the goal to have fun and play sports. Teams need a minimum of 6 players. To qualify as a CAC team you must have MORE CAC members than NON CAC members registered.

Sunday 11am-3pm | 24 November | Recreation Complex 

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