PSP Online

PSP Online

How to Register for Community Recreation Programs

Visit our online registration at

Use this site to register for our programs, services and events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select COURSES at the top of the page to see what programs and services are being offered. Make sure the correct SEASON is selected when you are looking for courses. 
Select MEMBERSHIPS if you are registering for a club.
Before you can register for a club, program or service, you must have a user account. 
Select MY ACCOUNT at the top of the page to start. 

Once on the MY ACCOUNT page, hit the “Click here to create a new account”.

Registration Tips 
  • If you will be registering only yourself for programs/clubs and have no dependents, select Individual Account
  • If you are registering dependents in courses select Group Member Account
  • If you are opening a Group Member Account, you will fill out your information on the first section regardless of whether you will register yourself in programs or not. You will add your dependents on the second tab.
  • The Extra Information section on the first page has multiple sections that are not required for everyone. Please read carefully. The information that must be filled in is highlighted in red.
  • Ensure the birth dates correspond to the person you are adding to that page.
  • Adults do not complete the guardian information in the Extra Information section. 
  • We do recommend you fill out emergency contact information for yourself. 

Virtual Client Wallet
Did you know that everyone who has a user account also has a virtual Client Wallet? 
  • Money in your Client Wallet can be accessed online or in person to pay for programs, services and events. When you checkout, select the Client Wallet payment option to apply your Client Wallet funds to your invoice.  
  • At the Recreation Complex, staff load money into your Client Wallet that you can use online or in person to pay for our programs, services and events. To load money into your Client Wallet, call us at 613-687-2932 or visit the Recreation Complex. 
  • Get your refund instantly! Refunds can be issued to your Client Wallet with just a few clicks. This means that you can use those funds towards any of our programs, services and events right away, without having to wait for your refund to show up on your credit card or in your mailbox. 

*Please note - As of October 2020, our facilities remain closed to the public. 

Difficulty using PSP Online?
Call us during virtual office hours (Monday to Friday, 8am-3pm) at 613-687-2932 or EMAIL