Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock Climbing Club

Recreation Complex
30 Festubert Blvd. Building S-117
Petawawa ON K8H 2X3



Indoor climbing at the Rec Plex is finished for the season.
Indoor climbing will resume in October 2019.

All member are invited and welcome to attend, a number of club issues and workings are being discussed and some new members will be being voted into the executive.

Indoor Rock Climbing is one of Canada’s fastest growing sports and Garrison Petawawa’s Indoor Rock Climbing Club offers the best climbing in the Ottawa Valley!  It combines an excellent physical and mental challenge with an exciting backdrop. Routes are designed to cover a full range of climbing techniques including crack climbing, face climbing, bouldering, slabs and overhangs with 20-foot-high textured walls to keep it diverse and challenge the beginner through the expert climber.  Our approach is simple: anyone can learn to rock climb with the right instruction and supervision. Gear and instructions are available on-site during climbing nights. 

Season October 2019 - September 2020

Drop Ins and Members - Rec Plex ONLY
Wednesdays 6-9pm (6-7pm dedicated to families)

Members ONLY - Dundonald Hall
Mondays 7-10pm 

Annual Fees
Single - CAC $80 
Family  - CAC $100 (4 participants max, extra members not permitted)
Single - NON CAC $115
Family - NON CAC $135  (4 participants max, extra members not permitted)
(NON CAC price includes $35 Single Club Membership fee)

Half Year Fees (1 February - 31 August 2020)
Single - CAC $40 
Family  - CAC $50 (4 participants max, extra members not permitted)
Single - NON CAC $57.50
Family - NON CAC $67.50 (4 participants max, extra members not permitted)
(NON CAC price includes $35 Single Club Membership fee)

Drop In Fees
Single - CAC $10 (over 16; rentals included)
Child - CAC $5 (16 and under; rentals included)
Family - CAC $15 (rentals included)
NON CAC members must add an additional $6 to the fees above

Group Rock Climbing

Looking to try something different?  Book a rock climbing group today! Learn basic rock climbing skills during a two hour session. Timings depend of the availability of the rock climbing wall and of the volunteers who will supervise the group. Equipment is included. For more information on group bookings, please email the club for further details.


What is climbing about? 
Rock Climbing is a great recreational activity that challenges your body and mind. Climbing is on an individual level and climbing accomplishments are a great reason to come out and give it a try. Climbing is also an excellent family activity that encourages teamwork.
Indoor vs. Outdoor Climbing? 
Rock climbing is a year round sport that does not stop due to weather! Indoor climbing gives you the opportunity to practice or advance your skills in a safe and controlled environment. Outdoor climbers may take advantage of the indoor wall during the winter months to stay in shape. The movement, hand grips and body positions are the same as on real rock.

Am I strong enough? 
Climbing is for all ages and physical abilities. With practice, your skill level will increase. With proper training and ample practice, most climbers will be able to ascend the wall with little effort.

I’m afraid of heights! 
This is a healthy fear, but we encourage you to try climbing at your comfort level. Some even learn to control their fears with climbing. There is no pressure to climb higher, you climb only as high you want.

What if I come by myself? 
This is also a great place to meet new people! Lots of people come independently. Wednesday nights are a busy place so you will have no problem interacting with the many club members. Our club volunteers will also ensure to pair you up!

Can I bring my children? How old do they have to be to climb?
There is no minimum age for climbing.  We’ve had members as young as 3 years old! 

Do I need to remain on site while my child/children climb?
Yes! We love kids, but this club is not responsible for the supervision of children. Adults must remain on site AND participate by learning to belay. All children under 16 years of age must be supervised by a guardian.

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