Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions


Individual Workout

This hour long session provides equipment and space for PSP Plan holders to get their own lunchtime workout in. Each participant will choose up to 3 weights of dumbbells to use for resistance as well as either a BOSU or stability ball for core exercises or to double as a bench.

Butts and Guts

This class focuses on the muscles of the core to help you feel strong and balanced. This is a mat based class that will focus on the hips, abdominal and spinal muscles.  These are muscles that most often get imbalanced from prolonged sitting (Netflix COVID19 binges anyone?)

Muscle Pump

A strength workout utilizing dumbbells and body weight to get your muscles back!  Instructors will provide a balanced strength workout appropriate for all fitness levels. Class options are Lower Body & Shoulders, Upper Body & Core and Full Body workouts.  We've broken our weekly schedule into a split routine that will allow you to workout 4-6 days a week without burning out!


Stretch & Core

Need to wind down at the end of the day?  This class will work on stabilizing the muscles of the core to balance your strength and then stretch you out to balance your muscles.  


This class combines yoga postures and breathing exercises to strengthen the body, develop flexibility and calm the mind. All levels welcome.


Yoga Fusion

A great combination of Essentrics and Hatha yoga. Join Junko for a workout that flows effortlessly between strength and stretch.



Join us for a dance based cardio class that is a high energy, rhythmic workout that offers a fun, party-like atmosphere.