Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Muscle Pump

A strength workout utilizing dumbbells and body weight to get your muscles back!  Instructors will provide a balanced strength workout appropriate for all fitness levels. 



Join us for a dance based cardio class that is a high energy, rhythmic workout that offers a fun, party-like atmosphere.



Yoga is a class that focuses body movements with focus on flexibility, to improve your breathing, and to relax your mind.


Werk It

Combined cardio and strength based workout.  It is an interval led workout.  Modification will be given to participants throughout the class. Different equipment will be used during class.


Power Up

This class gives your variations and a different style class each time you show up.  One day it may be a bosu class, another day it may a step class.



Bootcamp is a cardio and strength combined based class. It is an interval-based self led class. Instructors give workout details and modifications. Different styles of interval training will be used..