Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

The Recreation Department offers an array of fitness classes designed to meet the many needs of our community.  Whether you're new to fitness, new to retirement or new to Petawawa - we have a class to meet your needs!  

Try this class for your entire body! Use dumbbells, resistance bands and body bars to challenge both large and small muscle groups for toning and strengthening. Scalable for beginners and advanced alike.

This is a class for those wanting a high intensity cardio session mixed with muscle sculpting to get the most bang for your time.  This class uses a variety of exercises and equipment and will keep you challenged and having fun in a boot camp style class!  Work at your own pace and level of fitness and watch the improvements happen!

Balance your fitness routine with a class dedicated to muscle strength and endurance. Designed to tone and define both large and small muscle groups.  Every exercise can be scaled to your level of fitness when the instructor is informed.  We want to make your experience positive!

Mix it up even more with our boot camp class using a variety of equipment options from rowing to kettle bells, barbells and beyond!  You can start as a beginner or an advanced participant to get your sweat on!

Shake up your routine and try this class!  Surprise your body with kicks, punches and/or step drills to improve your aerobic conditioning and complement your fitness routine.

Rowing offers a mix of strength and lots of cardio to bring your training and conditioning to the next level! Give this a try and you won’t regret it, with no hard impact on your joints you can bring that heart rate up again! We offer courses for beginners, the novice rower and a boot camp styled class for the fitness enthusiast! Classes will also provide you with training ideas and formats to allow you to continue to train effectively on your own. Pre-register for all rowing courses ONLINE or in person at the Recreation Complex or South Side Community Centre.

Join us for our beginner rowing class! Whether you have no experience or would like to review technique and develop your skills - this class is for you. 

Continue developing your rowing skills with our novice rowing class! Participants must be 16 years to take part in this class. Participants must have previous rowing experience.

Rowing boot camp fusion is the ultimate work out with no impact. Participants must be 16 years to take part in this class. Some rowing experience is an asset.

Aquatics is one of Canada's favourite leisure activities and is ranked as one of the best forms of exercise to keep fit for those of all ages.  Aquafit classes offer a fun and challenging way for cardiovascular and aerobic fitness.  You use the resistance of the water to stretch and work a variety of muscle groups with low-impact alternatives.   We also encourage you to speak to an Instructor for a specialized routine or program to strengthen weaknesses including sport injuries, rehabilitation and any medical conditions such as arthritis. Participants do not need to know how to swim.

AQUAFIT - PARENT & TOT (6 months - 3 years)

This is an aquafitness class designed for parents and splash time for kids!  Have fun with your child and stay in shape!  Whether you're a mom and want to get your pre-pregnancy body back or a parent simply looking for fun and active things to do with your toddler, this program has you covered.  This is also a great and safe way to introduce your child to the water.  Toddlers will be seated in a floatation device that remains in direct contact with the parent. This is structured as a 8 week program that must be registered for in advance (fees apply). Register ONLINE.

Bike like you have never biked before!!  Spin is an exciting workout for the beginner or the seasoned cyclist.  It is an excellent way to get a vigorous workout – burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape through endurance, interval strength and recovery rides.  Qualified instructors will ensure proper technique and success.
A combination of pilates with the relaxed calm vibe of yoga and other core stabilizers. This class is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

A relaxing Hatha Yoga class aimed at improving strength and flexibility through a series of poses, breath work and relaxation.  Participants will experience the many health benefits of this ancient exercise.

Combining Yoga and HIIT for the ultimate work out! Yoga is done slowly, which activates our slow-twitch muscle fibers, resulting in endurance-based strength. Participants gain flexibility and balance, combined with the detoxifying benefits of inversions, whole body movements and longer exhaling. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is done at a more energetic pace, which activates our fast-twitch muscle fibers. HIIT defines, tightens, lifts and sculpts your muscles AND gets your heart rate up. This is structured as a 6 week program that must be registered for in advance (fees apply). Register ONLINE.  

Zumba is a fun fitness program that combines Latin music with easy-to-follow dance moves and aerobic elements. Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training.

A strong core is the foundation of all exercises.  Build yours with this safe, effective and functional workout.  Emphasis is placed on postural alignment and spine safety.  A variety of equipment is used such as BOSU, stability balls, body weight, finishing with a full body stretch and relaxation.

Bring baby with you to this new specialty fitness class!  Combine your boot camp work out with belly and play time for baby. Class is designed for infants 6 weeks to 10 months post natal or until baby becomes mobile. This is an interval based class that combines body weight, free weights, bands and other safe methods which will give new moms the opportunity to return to their fitness programs safely with our certified post natal fitness instructor. It also provides a great social opportunity for both mom and baby! All participants will be required to complete a Par Q for post natal participants as well as have consent from their physician to start exercising again.