Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Whether you're new to fitness, new to retirement or new to Petawawa – the Recreation Department has a class to meet your needs!  Our qualified instructors will ensure proper technique and success. We also encourage you to speak to the Instructors if you are new to class or require modifications.

AQUAFIT - A fun and challenging way to get fit!  We use the resistance of the water to stretch and work a variety of muscle groups with low-impact alternatives. Participants do not need to know how to swim.

HIGH INTENSITY AQUAFIT - High Intensity workout with cardio and strength combined movements with shorter rest periods. Movements are timed intervals as well as based on the number of reps. Movements for both shallow and deep water will be offered.

HIIT & LIFT - This class uses body weight, dumbbells and cardio intervals to give you a complete workout!  An excellent calorie burner and muscle builder.
BOOT CAMP – Intermediate  (AFC) Challenge your fitness with our AFC boot camp class with options from rowing to kettle bells, barbells and beyond!  Weight training experience is recommended.
MUSCLE PUMP - Balance your fitness routine with a class dedicated to muscle strength and endurance. Designed to tone and define both large and small muscle groups.  Every exercise can be scaled to your level of fitness.
SPIN - An exciting workout for the beginner or the seasoned cyclist!  An excellent way to get a vigorous low impact cardio workout – burn calories and keep your muscles in shape through endurance, interval strength and recovery rides.

WORK-IT CIRCUIT – Combine cardio and strength into one fantastic full body workout.  Each week is a different workout utilizing a variety of equipment and mixing up the cardio intervals.  A great calorie burn!
YOGA – a relaxing Hatha Yoga class aimed at improving strength and flexibility through a series of poses, breath work and relaxation.  Participants will experience the many health benefits of this ancient exercise.

YOGA BLEND -  a perfect blend of strength and stretch and a great way to start off your week!  Warm up with some flow and then settle into some gentle yin.

ZUMBA - A fun fitness program that combines Latin music with easy-to-follow dance moves and aerobic elements.  Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training.