Daily Health Screening

Daily Health Screening

All participants wanting to take part in a PSP Community Recreation fitness class must complete the Garrison Petawawa COVID-19 Self Assessment. This survey will assess an individual's health to enter DND facilities based on the responses. 
All persons visiting PSP facilities or taking part in a program must be able to answer “no” to all of the following questions.  A negative COVID-19 test result for symptoms allows a "No" response:

Survey Questions

  1. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: severe difficulty breathing; chest pain; confusion; or the recent loss of consciousness?
  2. Are you experiencing now, or in the last 14 days, any of the following typical COVID-19 symptoms; fever, new cough, shortness of breath, unexplained muscle aches, fatigue, unexplained headache, sore throat, runny nose?
  3. Are you experiencing now, or in the last 14 days, any of the following atypical symptoms: Loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of sense of smell or taste, unexplained toe rash, conjunctivitis (unexplained red eyes)?  **a negative COVID-19 test result for the symptoms experienced would allow you to answer NO.
  4. Has someone you are in close-contact with tested positive for or suspected to have COVID-19 and still awaiting test results?
  5. Have you returned from travel from outside of Canada in the last 14 days?
Registration for classes will open 24 hours before each class time. These questions are embedded into the online registration.  When a participant signs into class, the instructor will ask if anything has changed with regard to the assessment since taking it online.

 Please Note - Our guiding principle at this time is that the health and safety of our staff is ensured. It is of the utmost importance that participants review the COVID-19 screening tool and answer the questions honestly.