Learn to Run Clinic

Learn to Run Clinic

Join our inaugural Learn to Run Clinic!   Learning to run as part of clinic helps you stay motivated, find run partners, and stay accountable to the weekly schedule. Our clinic will have one coached session a week with 1-2 prescribed runs to do on your own. The goal will be to build up to running for 20 minutes or a bigger goal of finishing a 5km. Our clinic will teach running form, technique and pacing skills. You will do a variety of runs to help you improve your running endurance and form. Our coach will also teach preventative exercises as well as stretches and mobility exercises to keep you healthy as you increase your mileage. We will run on different terrains and routes to increase your familiarity of local routes. At the end of clinic, participants are encouraged to participate in any of the local fun runs to celebrate their efforts!

Must complete the PAR-Q and Learn to Run questionnaire and drop off at the Recreation Complex prior to the start of the program. Everyone must be medically fit to run to participate in the clinic. Forms will be emailed after registration.
Ages 10+ yrs, (Ages 10 & 11 yr olds must have a parent with them)
Bring good running shoes!
Sundays 9:00-10:00 am | 14 April - 22 May | Various locations on the North Side
Classes scheduled for Apr 21 and May 19, will be moved to Monday April 22 and Monday May 20 at 6:30pm respectively


Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 am |  17 April -  5 June | Various locations on the North Side
 CAC $30 / NON CAC $65

If you would like to have a second coached session each week you can register in both sessions at a reduced cost. $20 CAC, $45 NON CAC found in extra fees.

Strollers are welcome but it must be a jogging stroller due to terrain and speed involved with clinic drills. In the extra fees section please add the "bringing a stroller" option at no cost so we can track how many stroller participants we will have.
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