What to Expect

What to Expect

All participants for indoor classes will be assigned numbered areas in their workout location which are 8-10 feet away from the other participants around them to maintain social distancing. Participants are required to remain in their spot during the workout, this will ensure physical distancing between participants and staff.
Masks are mandatory at all times with the exception of when participants are in their designated workout area. Masks are not mandatory during classes, but participants may use them if they wish. Participants who choose to wear a mask are asked to monitor their intensity during the workout.
Arriving/Exiting the Workout Area
Participants should arrive for class no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of the class to allow for sign-in.  Late arrivals will not be permitted access to the registered program.
When arriving at the Recreation Complex, participants will find the instructor waiting for them at the front door.  Participants are asked to line up keeping 3m distance between themselves and other participants. The instructors will let participants in and assign them their specific number for tracing purposes. 
Participants will be assigned a specific workout area that will be identified by a number.  For classes requiring equipment, the areas will contain the specific equipment requested by the participant during the registration process. 
Participants must arrive ready to workout.  Only filled water bottles, personal workout equipment (ie. yoga mat), indoor shoes and keys/phone will be permitted in the workout area. Personal items and belongings cannot be left at the workout entry point or other areas of the workout zone.  
At the end of the class, participants are asked to remain at their assigned spot until dismissed by the instructor in a staggered order starting with the participant closest to the exit.

Required Equipment
Some fitness equipment will be provided by Community Recreation. For most classes, two dumbbell weights will be provided. Occasionally, other equipment such a stability ball or a BOSU will also be placed out. All equipment is cleaned and sanitized before and after each use. Participants are asked to bring their own yoga mat and/or towel. Participants are welcome to bring their own weights/bands but are not allowed to share equipment with other participants outside of their own household.
Available Amenities 
Bathrooms are available for use however change rooms are not.  Participants must come dressed for class.