Deployment Support

Services for Deployed Families


Definition of "Deployment":

Did you know that deployment is defined as any time your soldier is away for an extended period of time

This includes courses, taskings, IR, field time, and overseas deployments. The PMFRC offers support to all family members of a deployed member, including girlfriend/boyfriend, aunt/uncle, parents, grandparents, partner, and children. If your soldier is currently or soon-to-be deployed, take advantage of our range of  programs, supports and resources designed to help make the time apart easier.


For more information on any of the Deployment Services, feel free to contact the PMFRC Deployment Services team:

Annie Beaudoin, Deployment Services Coordinator
Tel:  (613) 687-7587 ext. 3225  /  Email:

Francesca Alexanian, Deployment Programmer
Tel:  (613)687-7587 ext. 3257  /  Email:

For CANSOFCOM families, please contact your CANSOFCOM Military Family Services team at 613-506-2781 / for additional information.