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Programs for Deployed Families

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At the PMFRC, “deployment” includes any work-related separation (including training, exercise, overseas deployment, or IR- imposed restrictions). Our priority is to support your family’s well-being while your CAF member is away.
Who is considered family? Family means YOU: girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, common-law partners, parents and anyone else who is in an established relationship with the CAF member.

Deployment Services Catalogue
We've developed a system to help you identify and access exactly what you need -- when you need it -- before, during and following a deployment. Visit our Monthly Programs & Activities page to view our Deployment Services Program Catalogue and see the difference a personalized service plan makes for you and your family. You can also download and complete the forms below, and send to

Deployment Readiness
This personalized one-on-one workshop will give you the information you need to help your family plan for deployment. Connect with Francesca, our Deployment Programmer, to book your one-on-one either by phone at (613) 687-7587 ext. 3257 or by email at

Homecoming Realities
Are you in the final countdown of your loved one’s deployment? We all look forward to the ‘big day’ when our family member returns, but are you ready for the days that follow? This personalized one-on-one workshop will discuss the expectations – and realities – of reunion and reintegration. Connect with Francesca, our Deployment Programmer, to book your one-on-one either by phone (613) 687-7587 ext. 3257 or by email at

Making Connections
Meet others who are also going through a work-related separation/deployment. Everyone can benefit from having a safe place to meet people who are facing similar experiences -- good and not so good -- and talk about the exceptional situations that come along with the Military lifestyle. 

Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR)
Are you or a family member currently experiencing or planning for a deployment in the near future? If so, this course is for you.  Preparation, education and skills are not only important for your Military loved one's success during the deployment, they are also important for you, whether you are a spouse, life partner, parent or friend. The Road to Mental Readiness program is designed specifically for loved ones of Military members.  R2MR also has a component specific to learning how to support children with deployment and reunions, as well as a component for those who deal with family frequent interval separation and reunions/reintegration.

Connect with the Deployment Services team to express your interest in this program at