Support for Adults

Support for Adults

PMFRC Employment Service  

Meet Christina McFadden! In this video, Christina will introduce herself and her role at the PMFRC and Employment Service. 

Employment Service (Petawawa)
3025 Petawawa, Blvd, Petawawa, Ontario
Phone: (613) 687-1717

Employment Service (Deep River)
43 Champlain Street, Deep River, Ontario
Phone: (613) 584-1717

Developmental Services Ontario

Developmental Services Ontario (Eastern Region) is located at Service Coordination Supports in Ottawa.  A Service Navigator will work with you to determine if you are eligible to receive support.

If you live in the Eastern Region (this includes Renfrew County), have a developmental disability and are 18 years old, you may apply for support from Developmental Services Ontario.  You should start the process of preparing for this transition after you turn 16.

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Ontario Disability Support Program
Local office: 162 Agnes St. Pembroke, ON K8A 5M1
Local Tel: (613) 735-1073

If you have a disability and need help with your living expenses, you may be eligible for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).

ODSP offers:
  • financial assistance to help you and your family with essential living expenses
  • benefits, for you and your family, including prescription drugs and vision care
  • help finding and keeping a job, and advancing your career
ODSP offers two types of support:
  • Income support: Financial assistance provided each month to help with the costs of basic needs, like food, clothing and shelter. Income support also includes benefits, like drug coverage and vision care, for clients and their eligible family members.
  • Employment supports: Services and supports to help clients with disabilities find and keep a job, and advance their careers.
For information on eligibility for services and program details, please visit their website.

Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley

5 Things Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley would like families to know...
  1. We are a community agency focused on providing quality supports and services to adults with an intellectual disability
  2. We provide residential services in an individualized approach that runs the spectrum of 24 hour support, living in a paid Host Family, and people who live on their own and require varying level of services to maintain their supported independent living as successfully as possible
  3. We define community participation as what is important and engaging to a person.  This involves inclusive choices and the ability to pursue interests by participation, membership, and the philosophy of allowing for “dignity of risk”.  
  4. We approach housing options through partnerships with property owners and developers.  We believe that it is important that people “choose where and with whom they live” to enhance autonomy and quality of life.  
  5. We provide individualized support geared to creating meaningful and purposeful days that involve participating and being included in our communities, being connected to family and friends, being provided options and pursuing interests is as equally important to providing for health and safety. 

For more information, contact:
Nancy Healey
Manager of Quality Assurance
894 Pembroke St. W., P.O. Box 1030
Pembroke, ON   K8A 6Y6
Phone: (613) 735‑0659 ext. 103


Bee Successful Employment Services

BEE Successful is specifically directed to assist individuals with a disability obtain employment. The disability can be intellectual or physical, and the service is free for people to access. It works much like the other employment services in Renfrew County, with a unique focus on matching employees with a disability with a good employment opportunity.
Employment specialists with BEE Successful build relationships between hopeful (potential, capable, strong)  employment candidates and Renfrew County employers.  Their role primarily is to help employers understand the business benefits of hiring employees with a disability.

Bee Successful is operated by Community Living Upper Ottawa Valley, in partnership with the Ontario Disability Support Program.

For more information, contact:
Telephone:  (613) 602-6572


March of Dimes Canada

March of Dimes Canada provides a wide range of services to people with disabilities throughout the country.  Their services include funding for an assistive devices program, home and vehicle modifications, augmentative and alternative communication programs, and more.

Happy Days Disability Services

Services for youth and adults with disabilities across the Ottawa Valley. A safe, supported environment with a variety of activities where clients can gain and use social skills, while making memories and friendships.

For more information, contact:
Darlene Heaslip 
Renfrew Address: 160 Raglan St S.
Pembroke Address: 126 Pembroke St W.
Phone: (613) 282-8606
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Pembroke Psychological Services

We offer compassionate and evidence-based assessments and treatments for children ages 7+, youth, adults ages 64 and below, and families right in the heart of downtown Pembroke. We are an inclusive space for people of all walks of life.

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  • Name: Amy MacKenzie
  • Position: Special Needs & Inclusion Programmer