Support from the PMFRC
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Support from the PMFRC

We are pleased to introduce you to some of the staff and departments here at the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre who are available to support your family.  

For a complete library of videos that will introduce you to all of the departments here at the  PMFRC, please visit our Youtube page.

PMFRC Special Needs & Inclusion Programmer 

Meet Amy, the Special Needs & Inclusion Programmer here at the PMFRC!  In this video, Amy introduces her role and some of the supports she provides to families.

Other Resources:

All About Me Binders
These binders were created by the PMFRC for families to keep important documents, notes, and information specific to supporting your child, all in one place.  To pick up your binder, available in both English and French, make an appointment with Amy by e-mailing

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Building a Scooter Board
Do you like building things with your child?  Our Special Needs & Inclusion Program recently partnered with AdaptABLE Occupational Therapy to create this scooter board building tutorial for our families with exceptional needs! Visit our Youtube page to view this video.

PMFRC Children's Services

Meet Sue Leclair!  Sue is the Children's Services Manager at the PMFRC.  In this video, Sue talks about the programs and child care services offered by her team, shares how every child is supported and included and gives examples of how professionals may be supporting your child in one of our programs. To reach Sue, email


PMFRC Veteran Family Program

Here are the top 7 things to know about how Louise can support you:
  • My role as the Veteran Family Program (VFP) Coordinator is to help medically releasing Canadian Forces Members, medically released Veterans and their families to manage the medical release process pre and post service.
  • My service is not time limited.  If you are a medically releasing family or medically released Veteran family you can connect with me.
  • My role is enhanced information and referral services.  If you need something related to your release I will help you find it and make a referral to the appropriate resource.
  • Once you enroll in the VFP you will continue to have access to all of the Military Resource Center programs and services that you used in the past.
  • Family members are defined by you.
  • Former military spouses of a medically releasing military member or medically released Veteran can access my services.
  • The best way to connect with me is by email:
Louise Anderson
Veteran Family Program Coordinator
Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre
Building S-601, 101 Menin Road
Phone: (613) 687-5511 ext. 3458 

Easing the transition /  Nous facilitons votre transition

As a military family with special needs, what are your biggest challenges during a deployment?  (By deployment, we mean any period of time when the military member is away - courses, taskings, or out of the area at all).
Share your answer using the feedback form below.


PMFRC Volunteer Services 

Meet Sarah Gunter!  Sarah is our Volunteer Services Coordinator at the PMFRC.  In this video, she speaks about the inclusive volunteer program she supports for both youth and adults.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the PMFRC, Sarah will match your interests and skills, along with the new skills you wish to learn, with the right opportunity for you. To contact Sarah, email


What is YOUR best advice to another military family with special needs who is being posted to a new community?
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  • Name: Amy MacKenzie
  • Position: Special Needs & Inclusion Programmer