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PSP Programs and Services Supporting the effective integration and inclusion of all families

Integration & Inclusion
Community Recreation is an established recreation service provider for all ages that actively practices integration and inclusion Accredited by HIGH FIVE®. Our programs are accessible for all families with mild to moderate needs. Recreation provides children with an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills and discover new interests all in a supportive environment.  

Program Goals
1.    To foster optimal physical, mental and emotional health in all children.
2.    To offer an adaptable environment that supports uniqueness and diversity, provides a safe environment, and recognizes age appropriateness.
3.    To ensure an effective integrated system of services and supports for all children regardless of need to ensure individual success. 

Desired Outcomes
1.    Programs that are fully accessible with maximum participation.
2.    A safe environment free from physical and emotional stressors.
3.    Participants able to garner the benefits of participating in recreation and leisure activities. 

Who Can Participate?
1.    Children aged 3-17 years.
2.    Children with any integration need including emotional, mental, social or physical challenges are welcome and encouraged to participate.  
3.    Children with diverse financial backgrounds.

Accessible Programs
Before and After School Club            
PA Day Programs & Snow Days
All Camps (March Break & Summer)        
Play My Way   
Youth 1st Drop In Centre
Youth 1st Programs 
Private Swim Lessons