Children's Deployment Support Program

Children's Deployment Support Program

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Deployment Support

The Children’s Deployment Support Program (CDSP) is a peer-support program delivered in the local schools (JK to Grade 8) from October to May.

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Sessions will help children to to understand their feelings, the changes, and possible stressors that occur before, during and after a deployment. In a safe, comfortable environment, the children learn positive living skills and age-appropriate stress management strategies to help them with their deployment situation. 

Click the link to register for the CDSP Program

Please register your child only if their parent is currently deployed.  If a parent is being deployed later in the school year, the child will not be collected for groups until a few weeks prior to expected departure date. 

Upon registration, deployments will be verified using the Family Information Forms that members fill out during their DAG/deployment readiness preparations. Once verified you will receive confirmation of your child(ren)'s acceptance into the program.

Ask us about our at-home package! If your child has not yet started school, if CDSP is not offered in your area, or if you home school, contact us to find out more about the resources that are available to you. 

For more information, please call (613) 687-7587 ext. 3224 or email


April is the Month of the Military Child

The Month of the Military Child is set aside to celebrate children growing up in military families.  It is an opportunity to recognize their strength and resiliency. 

Throughout April, children participating in various PMFRC programs will be doing activities to recognize the Month of the Military Child. 

The kids at our Children's Deployment Support Program celebrated the Month of the Military Child by learning that the dandelion symbolizes their strength and resiliency -- their roots will grow anywhere, and they are impossible to destroy.

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