PSP and Jumpstart Engagement 
As a part of PSP's commitment to provide quality recreation programming and meet the needs of military families, we have partnered with Canadian Tire Jumpstart to financially assist families in accessing recreation programs and equipment. For children and youth aged 4 to 18 from families in financial need can receive funding to help with registration fees, equipment and/or transportation.

About Jumpstart
Jumpstart is a registered charity that helps kids from financially disadvantaged families participate in organized sports and physical activity. National in scope, but local in its focus, Jumpstart delivers support to children and youth through a Canada-wide network of Chapters and Community Partners. Jumpstart was formed in 2005 and continues to address the ongoing need in our communities to make physical activity more accessible in the lives of Canadian children from financially disadvantaged families. We understand the important life benefits that participation in sports and physical activity can have on the life of a child.

Who Can Apply?
All Regular Serving CAF Members are eligible to apply for funding, through our PSP Jumpstart Application form.  All Veterans and Reservists must first apply through the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Application process. In the event you are not approved for funding, an application may be submitted through our CAF Jumpstart process.

How to Apply?
1. Download and complete the monthly JSbudget.xls cash flow/budget worksheet; 
2. Complete the PSP Petawawa Jumpstart application below.
3. PSP Petawawa will act as the Endorser. 

The Endorser acts as an objective third party who is familiar with the family and in a professional position to assess the family, such as the following; Chaplain, Chain of Command, Social Worker, etc. The Endorser also agrees to be contacted by Jumpstart or PSP for follow up if required.

Application Approval Process Summary

PSP Petawawa Community Recreation will:

1. Review Program Application and determine application eligibility based on funding criteria (an application can be submitted if the net monthly income is lower than the total monthly expenses. This is based only on the Jumpstart monthly cash flow/budget worksheet).
2. Inform the member of the eligibility of the application; and
3.Submit to Canadian Tire Jumpstart, if eligible to apply for funding.

Canadian Tire Jumpstart will:
1. Review application;
2. Approve or deny funding; and
3. Inform local Recreation Department of funding decision, who will then inform the member.

Why are there two approval stages?
The PSP Jumpstart Application process requires two approvals, one from National Recreation Services, and one from Canadian Tire Jumpstart. This is because our application process is different than the traditional Jumpstart application, and our funding criteria is specifically designed for our CAF community.

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