Before and After School Club

Before and After School Club

We never call in sick or get posted! 


Recreation Complex: Jeanne Lajoie, L’Equinoxe, Valour, Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Francis of Assisi  All students are bused.

South Side Community Centre: Valour  & St. Francis of Assisi. ONLY JK & SK students will be bused to Valour and St. Francis of Assisi Schools. Grades 1-8 will walk.

Contact the Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium for arranging transportation

Affiliated Schools
St. Francis of Assisi 613-687-4167
Valour 613-687-2095
Jeanne Lajoie 613-732-8302
L'Equinoxe 613-732-1525
Our Lady of Sorrows 
613- 687-5918

For fee subsidy assistance, please contact County of Renfrew Child Care Services and speak with an Eligibility Officer at 613-732-4100. 

For integration support, please contact the County of Renfrew Integration Services and speak with an Integration Coordinator at 613-732-4100.