Specialized Care Program
Please note: Outbreak management protocols have required the suspension or modification of some of our in-person programs. For more information on any of our Children's Services, please call 613-687-1641 or send and an email to csc.pmfrc@bellnet.ca.

Specialized Care Program Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this service being provided? 
The Specialized Care Program will be located at the South Side Community Centre (1578 Wolfe Ave.)

What are the hours? 
The program will operate from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  

What is the process for dropping off and picking up children?
When a family registers, they will be given a scheduled drop-off time.  
As families will need to go through the screening process each time they drop off their child, arrivals will be staggered in 10-minute intervals.  Our goal is to minimize the number of people at the facility at any given time, and to decrease the wait time for families as the screenings take place.
When you arrive, please proceed to the side of the building to enter through the playground.  The wooden gate will be closed but unlocked so families can enter. 
It is important to remember that parents will have to wait until their child has completed the screening process.  Parents will not be permitted to enter the building, instead your child’s educator will bring them to the cubby room and help them to get ready for the day. 
When picking up your child, please knock on the playground gate door and your child will be brought to you.

Who is eligible to use this service? 
This service is available to Military members or partners and civilians who are deemed essential employees and listed on the provincial essential employee list.
Care will be determined on a case by case basis through the intake process. 
Please note:  This is NOT full time child care.

How do I apply for this service? 
All requests for this service must be sent directly to Sue Leclair, Manager of Children's Services at Childrens.Services.Manager@PetawawaMFRC.com
Once the approval process is complete, we will email a registration package to the family.  Children may start with the program as soon as we receive the completed registration package - including the child’s immunization record – by email.
What are the fees for this service? 
You may download the Specialized Care Program Fees Schedule here.
What does my child need in order to attend this program?
Your child will need a peanut-free lunch and two snacks. There will be extra food provided if your child is still hungry after finishing all of their food, or have decided they are not interested in their lunch that day.
Children will need sunscreen, a hat, indoor shoes and a change of clothes that will remain in the program.  Please also send diapers, wipes and creams if required.  
Please note that anything your child brings to the program must remain in their cubby with the exception of their lunch container.  
Individual water bottles and blankets for rest time will be provided.  
What measures are being put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19?
  • Each family will complete a thorough screening process upon arrival – including temperature checks for both the child and parent.  In addition, parents will need to complete a health assessment each day.  
  • Children’s temperatures will be monitored throughout the day. 
  • Only child care staff will be permitted in the program area and strict sanitary practices have been put in place.  
  • All toys and materials in the program room can be easily disinfected, and the play environment has been arranged to allow for more room and greater movement. 
  • There will be no sensory-type play such as: playdough, sand or water. 
  • Dedicated staff members will be cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day. 
  • The staff will wear all required PPE. 
  • Circle times and routines will include fun-filled activities, and include hand washing and coughing and sneezing etiquette. 

How can I find out what my child is doing throughout the day?
Open communication with families is extremely important. 

We realize children have been home with their parents for an extended period of time and may find it difficult when their parents drop them off in the morning - especially now that parents cannot walk them directly into the program.  
Our team will be using Storypark throughout the day to share videos and pictures with parents.  We hope this relieves some of the stresses that arise from having to place your child in a new care program. 
Parents are also welcome to call and email us throughout the day to do check-ins. 
Will staff members be able pick up children if they are upset or need one-on-one time.
As children need to feel safe and secure in order to be able to play and enjoy the day, staff will be able to pick up children to provide security and emotional support. Staff will wash their hands before and after picking up any child.  They will also be wearing aprons that they will remove after holding any child.

Download our Parent Handbook

For more information about this program, please contact:

Sue Leclair, Manager of Children's Services at Childrens.Services.Manager@PetawawaMFRC.com
or call (613) 687-1641