Before and After School Club

Before and After School Club

We never call in sick or get posted! 

Our Before and After School program is an alternative to child care as we focus on healthy child development through recreation programming. Our program is designed to be age appropriate, safe and fun for ages 3-12 years! We also provide a healthy breakfast and afternoon snack in a peanut/nut reduced facility. To ensure our programs are of the highest quality, we continue to incorporate the HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development into our program designs. Visit our HIGH FIVE webpage, HIGH FIVE kiosks or read through our BAS Info Guide for more information!

Program Locations:

Recreation Complex: Jeanne Lajoie, L’Equinoxe, Valour, Our Lady of Sorrows and St. Francis of Assisi  All students are bused.

South Side Community Centre: Valour  & St. Francis of Assisi. ONLY JK & SK students will be bused to Valour and St. Francis of Assisi Schools. Grades 1-8 will walk.


Before School Care: 630AM until school starts
After School Care: After school until 6PM
*Registration is seperate for Before School Care and After School Care* 


Before School Care: $60 CAC/$90 NON CAC
After School Care: $60 CAC/$90 NON CAC


Contact the Renfrew County Joint Transportation Consortium for arranging transportation

Affiliated schools contact information:

St. Francis of Assisi: 613-687-4167
Valour: 613-687-2095
Jeanne Lajoie: 613-732-8302
L'Equinoxe: 613-732-1525
Our Lady of Sorrows:
613- 687-5918


For fee subsidy assistance, please contact County of Renfrew Child Care Services and speak with an Eligibility Officer at 613-732-4100. 

We run an integrative program!

For integration support, please contact the County of Renfrew Integration Services and speak with an Integration Coordinator at 613-732-4100.

Check out our BAS Info Guide 2017-2018 for more information.

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