Gymnastics Programs

Gymnastics Programs

The Petawawa Gymnastics Club has been providing quality sport to Petawawa for over 20 years!  We have programming suitable for all ages and all skill levels.  All of our coaches are certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and are members in good standing with Gymnastics Ontario.

PARENT AND TOT 12mths-3yrs

A 45 minute program to introduce you and your child to the sport of gymnastics. A coach will guide you through the basic movement patterns using games, songs and circuits allowing for lots of exploration within a FUN and interactive environment. 

Mini Masters 2½ -3yrs

This beginner class is an opportunity for your child to explore the sport of gymnastics with a coach. Children will be introduced to fundamental skills while building their independence. This is a structured program that will include trampoline, floor, bars, beam and movement through music. 

Private Lessons All Ages

Private lessons provide children with skill development on a 1 to 1 basis with a coach. Class duration varies based on skill level and age of participant. For more information on exploring private lessons, please contact the Head Coach.

Teeny Tumblers 3-4yrs

A fun 30 minute program involving coach led songs, games and circuits. Classes are designed to encourage your child to develop flexibility, coordination, strength and balance through the use of all gymnastic apparatuses.  

teeny trampoline 3-4yrs and junior trampoline 5-6yrs

A half hour program of jumping, bouncing and leaping fun. Children will learn the trampoline basics with a coach using the tumble trak, mini trampoline and big trampoline. There is also a focus on strengthening core and body control.

Junior Gymnasts 5-6yrs

Your child will participate in a fun filled 50 minutes of games, circuits and songs. Skill development and equipment exploration is encouraged, while maintaining a focus on flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and body control. 

Petite Elite 3-4yrs and 5-6yrs

This program is designed to build upon previously learned skills and abilities. Children are introduced to more advanced gymnastics techniques and movement patterns. Entry to this program requires a coache's assessment. 

CANGYM Badge Program +7yrs

The Badge 1 through 8 recreational program allows children to explore all aspects of artistic gymnastics. Athletes will develop technical skills, flexibility, strength and endurance in the hour and a half program once a week. If your child is new to gymnastics and you are not sure where to place them, we would be happy to perform a skill assessment free of charge. Simply contact our Head Coach to arrange a time to meet. 

bounce big trampoline 7yrs+

This is a one hour program where children will learn the fundamental movement patterns of the trampoline including shape jumps, drops, twists and sequences. There is a continued focus on core strengthening, body control during flight as well as landing precision and rebound. 

Sky Flyers Trampoline 7yrs+

This is an advanced trampoline program that requires a coach's recommendation or assessment to register. In this class children will test their already established trampoline skills on more advanced movement patterns such as flipping.

Cheerleading 4-6 yrs and 7-12 yrs

Cheerleading is a program that combines both gymnastics and dance. Athletes will tumble, dance, jump, cheer and stack! Participants will learn to cheer, perform routines, and learn the techniques of showmanship that will enhance great leadership and team spirit.

Because I Love It! punch card or drop in

Athletes can work on developing their gymnastics skills in this two hour class. They will have the opportunity to work towards increasing their gymnastics abilities while learning a skill of their choosing. This program is ideal for the athlete who wishes to develop apparatus specific skills or increase their weekly gym time. 

Teen Development 14-16yrs

Athletes have three hours to develop and maintain their gymnastics skills at their own pace. This class is ideal for either those new to gymnastics or athletes who are no longer interested in competing but wish to continue to participate in the sport.  

Pre-Competitive Program +5yrs

This program is designed to help prepare athletes aspiring to become competitive gymnasts. Athletes will develop higher level skills and techniques in a fun and engaging environment. Entry to this program is by assessment only.

Competitive Program +5 yrs

Our Competitive Gymnastics Team is an intensive training based program that encourages self discipline, skill development and physical fitness. Throughout the season the team travels to gymnastic meets to compete against other club athletes on a regional and provincial level. Entry to this program is by assessment only and is subject to available space within the training program.  If you're interested in having your child try out for our competitive or pre-competitive team, please contact the Head Coach listed below.

Program Fees

Gymnastics Ontario fee of $25 is a prerequisite for all Petawawa Gymnastic Club classes. Insurance coverage dates are from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019.

Registration for the next session will open 25 February 2019
Spring 2019 Session Schedule

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For more information on any of the programs the Petawawa Gymnastics Club offers, please contact 613-687-4789 or EMAIL.