About Us
This facility remains closed to the general public at this time.

About Us Are you looking for a place to chill with other youth?

Youth 1st Centre (located in the South Side Community Centre)
1578 Wolfe Ave Building W-112
Petawawa, ON K8H 1L3
613-687-2104 x235

General COVID-19 Protocols for PSP Petawawa - Youth 1st Programs

Hours of Operation
Saturday 6-9 PM

Free - PSP Plan Members
$2 - NON PSP Plan Members
Online registration required to attend

Our Youth 1st Centre provides a safe environment free of discrimination for all youth in the community so that they may enjoy the healthy active living programs we offer. Our goal is to engage youth through developing and maintaining interactive programs and services.  The Centre's programming is a balance of hanging out and having fun while enjoying monthly special events and planned activities. We offer supportive and safe activities that are conveniently located, skills-based and engaging.

Our Youth 1st Centre maintains a high standard for its operation and seeks to provide access to a variety of valuable resources, positive guidance and supervision from staff, opportunities for personal growth and a voice for youth in the community.  We want to partner with youth and engage them by asking for their views, opinions and direction on where they want to see our programs go.

As an Accredited Organization with HIGH FIVE, Canada`s only quality assurance standard, we are committed to providing the highest quality programs for our local youth. We aim to provide youth with a positive, fun and accepting atmosphere that is free from inappropriate behaviour, offensive language, discrimination, harassment, unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol and other drugs.

Our Youth 1st Centre includes a pool table, access to the gymnasium and sporting equipment, beach volleyball court, outdoor rink, outdoor zone with picnic tables, big screen television and gaming station, board games, art and craft supplies and more!


If you are enthusiastic and would like to enhance the lives of our community youth, please contact us at 613-687-2923 to find out how you can get involved!