March Break with Youth 1st

March Break with Youth 1st 6 -10 PM

Wacky Experiments - March 18th

Come to the Youth 1st Centre to embrace your inner Bill Nye and conduct wacky experiments like Mentos explosions, slime and ice volcanoes!

Nintendo LABO Virtual Reality Night  - March 19th

Enjoy the ultimate gaming experience at the Youth 1st Centre by joining us for our first virtual reality event. Immerse yourself in this fun night with friends by passing around Toy-Con creations and see the gaming world become reality!

Black Box Challenge - March 20th

The classic black box cooking challenge is coming to the Youth 1st Centre! Teams will be given a box of mystery ingredients and will compete to cook a unique and delicious dish to serve to the judges. 

Popcorn & Pajamas Movie Night - March 21st

Cozy up with us and enjoy a night of movies with friends at the Youth 1st Centre. We will have FREE popcorn available and PJ’s are totally encouraged! 

All events are FREE with CAC/YAC or $2 drop in for ages 10 and up.