Dove Self-Esteem Project

Dove Self-Esteem Project Ages 10+

Join us in making a change! 

Every day teenagers struggle with feeling like they are not pretty enough and due to these self-esteem issues they actually opt out of engaging in a variety of activities. Our Dove Self-Esteem Project combines lessons and activities from the Dove Self-Esteem Movement with our own take on what it means to empower teens! The goal of our program is to change this mindset and help teens feel strong and empowered so that they have the confidence to try new things and lead healthy, active and happy lives. 

During this six-week program, we will do a variety of activities such as dancing, mindfulness exercises and power-packed workouts that will each focus on making teens feel great about themselves both inside and outside. Let us come together and help young adolescents in our community grow up feeling like they can do anything and be anything!

What local TEENS Are saying about the Dove Self-Esteem Project:

"Super fun! I loved the activities. I could be myself. I made friendships stronger with my friends during this. Loved the bliss jars!"

"I've learned that beauty isn't how you look. It's how you feel."

"I was an extreme introvert before this and I am expressing myself and putting myself out there...These activities are not just teaching, but training us to try. I am still an introvert, but now I am able to see my voice."

"I learned that it is okay to be yourself and not to fit in by sticking out of a group. Also that I should just accept myself for just who I am and that it is very fun to try new things."

Thank you to Lotus City Media for their generous support to our project!

Upcoming Sessions
23 January - 27 February 2020
09 April - 14 May 2020

South Side Community Centre, Youth 1st Centre
PSP Plan $25 / NON PSP Plan $55

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Check out our 2016 program launch video here: YouTube PSP Petawawa Video