Senior Manager PSP

Senior Manager PSP Message

As the Senior Manager PSP, I am directly responsible for providing the Morale and Welfare programs and services to our current and former CAF members and their families here at Garrison Petawawa. We have a terrific team of dedicated employees who work tirelessly in providing the services you enjoy. I trust that you will find these programs have much to offer your family and at a very reasonable price.  Without a doubt this is both challenging and rewarding.  Each year we introduce new and exciting activities designed to get you and your family out to enjoy not only the great facilities, but also the great outdoors that we are so lucky to have at our doorstep.  Our programs are designed to suit everyone’s interests and provide lots of fun activities to get the whole family out who simply enjoy doing stuff together.

Garrison Petawawa is open to everyone in our community including serving and former members and their families, civilian employees and civilians in the local communities as well. The key is the Community Access Card (CAC) which provides you with access to our programs, services and facilities. Military members may access our facilities by using their Military ID Card. Please support the CAC program and become a member. This program generates revenues that are required to deliver our quality of life programs and services.

We are fortunate to be able to fund the many fun activities that we have here.  Please feel free to comment on any facet of our PSP organization. We need your feedback so that we can continually improve and develop new programs and clubs. You can email me at anytime.  Welcome to Garrison Petawawa and I hope your stay will be a memorable one.
Nathan Lane
Senior Manager PSP
Garrison Petawawa