Introducing Annie Beaudoin

Name:  Annie Beaudoin
Position:  Deployment Services Coordinator

What is your role: My role is to support the Petawawa military families getting ready for, during and after a deployment. We have different programs like Dare to Leap (find new hobbies or develop new skills during the deployment), Making Connections (think Coffee Chat for deployed families), Emergency Preparedness (OPSEC, tool kit for disasters, etc.), Deployment Readiness, and Family Activities. We also offer a Deployment Newsletter, the OP FAMILY READINESS binder, support the units with DAGS and Briefings as well as do warm calls to deployed families. I couldn’t do all this without my great teammate/co-worker Francesca, the Deployment Programmer as well as the amazing PMFRC team.

How long have you worked for the PMFRC: I am in my 9th year working for the PMFRC. My previous roles were as the Community Engagement Coordinator as well as the Community Integration Supervisor for CANSOF families.

"Don’t try to run this military life alone!
Reach out, develop your network and
stay connected with us!
We are here to help and support you!"

What is your background: I’m a military veteran spouse (25 years), mom to 3 grown children and I love crafting! I graduated (a long time ago) as a “Technicienne en travail social” from a college in Quebec. When my kids were little, I stayed home with them and opened a private home daycare. Then, when my baby started school, I got back to the job market as an EA for 7 years and afterwards started working with the PMFRC.

What to expect when we first meet you: First you will get a smile then you will hear my big French accent!

What is your favourite part of working for the PMFRC: It’s probably cheesy but definitely the connection we have with the families, being able to support them as best we can and the feeling of a job well done when we hear Thank You!

What is your greatest accomplishment: Definitely planning and organizing some of our big events like “Strength Beyond the Uniform”, “Home Heart Heroes”, “Children Coin Ceremony” and “The Summer Block Party”. They are a lot of work but the rewards are amazing. Honouring military families is my passion here at the PMFRC!

Where are you from: I am from Quebec City, and lived there until I met my (now) husband at 17 years old and began moving around Canada. We have been in Petawawa for 18 years now (with some IR posting in there). After 25 years, my husband retired and we decided to stay here as our forever place since we love it so much.

What advice do yopu have: Don’t try to run this military life alone! Reach out, develop your network and stay connected with us! We are here to help and support you!

What is your favourite thing to do: Water is my thing and we are blessed with great beaches here! Kayaking, boating or just plain being a beach bum. In the winter I hide and craft!

What is your favourite quote: “Fake it until you make it!” because you will definitely make it!! Stay strong, stay connected and enjoy the ride!