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Meet Me at the PMFRC


Introducing Chris Quigley

Name: Chris Quigley
Position: Family Transition Advisor 

(Image source: Chris Quigley)

Petawawa Transition Trail went live February 17, 2021. The Transition from Military to Civilian Life (MCT) initiative was started at Canadian Forces Base Borden, and is now being expanded to include Garrison Petawawa. The aim of this new approach is to provide a professional, personalized and standardized transition for the (non-medical releasing) CAF member and their families through the MCT process.

The Transition Trial Team
A multi-disciplinary team consisting of (but not limited to) CAF Transitions Advisors, (TA), Veteran Service Agents (VSA), Family Liaison Officers (FLO) and the Family Transition Advisor (FTA) will support transitioning members.  While the CAF/VAC team will focus on assessing the CAF member’s needs and help them build personalized plans using the domains of well-being/wellness, the Family Transition Team will help the family reflect on areas in their lives that  include health, finances, social integration, housing arrangements, and life skills/preparedness.  Looking through these domains of wellness, the family as a unit can reflect on their readiness to leave a military career and embark on the road to civilian life.

The Role of the Family Transition Advisor (FTA) and How it Works  
The TA will introduce the CAF member to the Family Transition Advisor. The FTA will then engage with the releasing member and arrange for a meeting with their family members. Please note that a “family member” does not have to be limited to the soldier’s spouse. 

As the FTA for Petawawa, I am looking forward to helping families explore the domains of well-being/ wellness, so they may feel comfortable and well prepared making the transition to civilian life with their CAF loved one. The work I do in this role will help families feel empowered to ask questions as they transition away from the military life as they knew it, be that for 5 or 35 years.

When meeting with families, I am happy to share my vast knowledge and experience in terms of employment supports, housing supports, how to get registered on “the list” for a family doctor or anything else civilian related that might not have been an issue throughout their  CAF career. 

Helping families put together a seamless plan that will ease the MCT, is my goal with each of the releasing families. Not every family will have the same goals for release and, because of this, my focus will be on what is best for you. There are no cookie cutter plans in my office-- your specific needs are what you and I will focus on.

I am excited to be taking on this new position with the Transition Centre. Many of you will recognize me as part of the Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (PMFRC) for 20 plus years. If you are a family member of a soldier releasing from the military, please reach out. I will be happy to say “Hi!”, answer your questions and get you started on your journey to civilian life.

Feel free to email me at or reach out by phone at (343) 572-6230.