Meet Me at the PMFRC

Meet Me at the PMFRC


Introducing Sarah Gunter

Name: Sarah Gunter
Position: Volunteer Services Coordinator

(Image Source: PMFRC)

Tell me about your role:
My primary role is to recruit and manage all of our dedicated and AMAZING (I cannot say that enough) volunteers within the organization. My focus is to ensure that all of our various volunteer positions are filled and that the volunteers feel valued, empowered and have the opportunity to grow within their roles.

How long have you worked for the PMFRC?
Just under one year.

I enjoy hearing fom volunteers what they have gained and the new friendships they have made as part of our team.

Tell me about your background (experience, education, etc.)?
My background includes a diploma in Hospitality / Business Administration. I also have certificates in Human Resources, Marketing and various Yoga/Fitness certifications. I value working with people and making connections.

What can people expect to see when they first meet you?
A big smile. I am very outgoing and enjoy meeting new people. I strive to have an open door policy. If you see me in my office, please stop by!

What is your favorite part about working for the PMFRC?
The people. From my co-workers, to the volunteers and the people we serve within the community. I see how much we impact one another by supporting, encouraging and embodying the true values of a small community. It truly takes a village!

What is your greatest accomplishment or proudest moment working for the PMFRC?
It is hard to narrow it down to just one moment, so I would say that, overall, I am so proud to be the coordinator of our volunteers. I continuously hear feedback about how much each volunteer impacts in a positive way the various departments within the agency and how much we value their support. I couldn't be more proud to hear the comments. From my perspective, I enjoy hearing from volunteers what they have gained and the new friendships they have made as part of our team.

Where are you from and what brought you to Petawawa? How long have you lived here?
I am from Bancroft, Ontario. I am a small town girl and I have lived in Petawawa since 2011 as a military spouse.

What advice do you have for families transitioning to Petawawa?
The best advice I could give is to get involved, keep an open mind, be open to meeting new people - Volunteer :) and do new things. I think by building a strong support system both with people and by participating in activities, this will help make Petawawa truly feel like home.

What is your favorite thing about living in the area? What is your favourite thing to do in the winter?  The summer?
My favourite thing about living in this area is the community. I like that everyone looks out for another and it feels to me like a small town. I enjoy being active, working out, doing yoga both inside and outside all year round - this is an outlet for me. I also enjoy getting outside, exploring hiking trails with my dogs and having park dates with my son :)

Leave us with a few more words of wisdom – what is your favorite quote?
"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile."