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Meeting Me at the PMFRC


Introducing Sol Fried

Name: Sol Fried
Position: Mental Health Clinician

(Image source: Sol Fried)

Tell us more about your role at the PMFRC and the programs that you are involved in. 
I’m a counsellor on the Mental Health team, helping with intakes, walk-in clinics and providing one-on-one counselling sessions for individuals and couples of Military families. 
How long have you worked for the PMFRC? 
I’ve worked here for nearly two years. The time has flown by quickly! 
Tell me about your background (experience, education, etc.) 
I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and have worked with people from all walks of life, from youth, to university and college students, working adults, and seniors. People have approached me with all sorts of life challenges from addictions to relationship issues, grief, anxiety, depression and trauma. 
What can people expect to see when they first meet you? 
Expect a welcoming person who is empathetic, non-judgemental, and open minded. 
What is your favourite part about working for the PMFRC? 
It’s wonderful to be part of a larger team and community, specializing in a very unique niche supporting Military families. 
What is your greatest accomplishment or proudest moment working for the PMFRC?
Taking on the additional role of Intake Co-ordinator while the team was transitioning and hiring a new Family Advocacy Coordinator. 
Where are you from and what brought you to Petawawa? How long have you lived here? 
From the big city of Toronto! Country soul at heart, happy to be here in the Ottawa Valley surrounded by nature. Big fan of the great outdoors. 
What advice do you have for families transitioning to Petawawa? 
Explore! The Valley has a lot to offer, especially if you share a passion for the great outdoors in all seasons. We are surrounded by many lakes, rivers, parks, community clubs and classes to enjoy. 
What is your favourite thing about living in the area? What is your favourite thing to do in the winter? The summer?
With nature at one’s doorstep it is a blessing to enjoy all year round. I enjoy snowshoeing in the winter. In the summer you can find me canoeing in nearby Algonquin Park and on the Ottawa River! I also enjoy horseback riding all year long locally and teaching beginners how to ride horses. 
Leave us with a few words of wisdom -- what is your favourite quote? 
Vivian Greene’s “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain” is one of my favourite quotes. It reminds us of the importance of living fully present, even when we are going through challenging times such as being far away from loved ones and being in the midst of the pandemic.