Meet Me at the PMFRC

Meet Me at the PMFRC

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Introducing Vanessa Snider

Name:  Vanessa Snider
Position: HR Generalist

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Tell us more about your role at the PMFRC and the programs that you are involved in.
I support all HR funstions and provide administrative support to the Business Manager and the Executive Director. Some of my responsibilities include administering HR records by following employment legislation and PMFRC policies, assisting supervisors from various departments with the recruitment process and organizing and facilitating orientation for new hires to the PMFRC. 
I am also the first point of contact for current employees and supervisors when they require timely and accurate information about contract specifics, benefits, policy clarification, and employment accommodations.
How long have you worked for the PMFRC?
I started with the PMFRC on July 22, 2019, which was not long after my family arrived in Petawawa. So I guess I would still be considered one of the new faces at the PMFRC.
Tell me about your background (experience, education, etc.)
I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Majoring in History and Minoring in Economics and Psychology, from the University of Prince Edward Island. I also have a post-graduate certificate in Human Resources Management, which was a combined program with the University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College.
When I graduated with my HR Management diploma, I moved to Ottawa, where I met my husband. We lived in Ottawa for almost three years until we were posted back East to 5 CDSB Gagetown. We were fortunate enough to be in the Oromocto/Fredericton region for 9 years, close to both of our families, until this past June, when we were posted back to Ontario, to the Garrison (Petawawa).
I have 15+ years of administrative and human resource work experience in various settings and sectors including the federal and provincial government, private industry, the technology sector, and not-for-profits.
What can people expect to see when they first meet you?
A big smile! I love what I do and it is evident when I get to work with prospective, new and current employees. They will also notice that I either have my travel mug of coffee or a soft drink on my desk at all times.
What is your favourite part about working for the PMFRC?
I love what the PMFRC stands for. As a military spouse, having access to so many resources is so important, especially at a field/exercise-heavy base like Petawawa.
I am also fascinated by the history of how the PMFRC grew from supporting a small number of military spouses to offering over 30 programs per month, including children’s services ranging from casual care to preschool, employment support for youth, military spouses and transitioning Forces members. I am very proud to work here!
What is your greatest accomplishment or proudest moment working for the PMFRC?
I can honestly say that whenever I help someone find the answer they are looking for, or am able to take some stress off of someone’s shoulders, I feel a huge accomplishment. There is really not one, stand-out proud moment in the three months since I have started; however, I seem to have a proud moment every day I come to work.
Where are you from and what brought you to Petawawa? How long have you lived here?
If I haven’t already told you when we first met, I am proudly from Nine Mile Creek, Prince Edward Island, which is about 15 km south-west of Charlottetown. My family and I arrived in Petawawa the end of June of this year, when my husband was posted to Garrison Petawawa, to 2 Service Battalion.
What advice do you have for families transitioning to Petawawa?
One of the first things I would tell them is to not listen to others’ experiences that they may have had when there were here, whether it be positive or negative. You really have to make any posting an adventure. If you have children, there are so many fun activities to keep them (and parents) busy all year round.  
What is your favourite thing about living in the area? What is your favourite thing to do in the winter? The summer?
I love the sense of community living in Petawawa. I come from a small town and have lived in a city and I feel so at home living here. We arrived in the summer and were fortunate enough to enjoy the Ottawa River on our friend’s boat. The River Valley is beautiful and it really reminds me of home.
We, as a family, love spending time in our backyard during warmer weather and we hope to be able to enjoy the sledding hills and skating rinks this winter.
Leave us with a few words of wisdom -- what is your favourite quote?
I have met many impactful mentors in my life, and I am very grateful for every one of them. One in particular stands out. During an unusually stressful day, I was near the point of a melt down when my manager called me into his office. He sat me down and reminded me that the role we play in the organization, which was Human Resources, is not to cure an incurable disease but to push paper, do the best we can and go home not thinking about the bad day we just had. It is something I will never forget and I have brought it to every role since.

“Enjoy the little things in life…for one day you will look back and realize they were actually big things.” – Robert Brault