Paperless Billing Service

Did you know that we offer paperless billing?

You have the option to receive your (bi) monthly invoices electronically, direct to your inbox! This is a FREE service that the PMFRC offers as an alternative to receiving paper invoices via Canada Post. 

Some of the benefits of going paperless are: 
  • It is more environmentally friendly 
  • You will receive your invoice faster and more efficiently 
  • Reducing the amount of paper mail you receive means less clutter
  • Keep an electronic record of your child care expenses 
The sign-up process is easy. Simply fill out the attached form and return it to our North side location at 10-16 Regalbuto Ave. To avoid delays, if you choose to fill out the attached form manually, please ensure that the form is filled out legibly and all of the information requested is provided. 

If you are transitioning to paperless billing, you may still receive paper copies of your invoices to ensure that they are being received electronically without issue. 

This service is optional. If you wish to receive your bill via regular mail you do not have to do anything. 

If you have any questions, or require further information, please don't hesitate to contact our Business Manager, at (613) 687-1641 ext. 2222 or