Privacy Policy

PMFRC Privacy Code Policy

In March 2001 the Privacy Code for the Military Family Services Program (the Code) was released to all Military Family Resource Centres.
The Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre (PMFRC) has adopted the Code. It assists the PMFRC in protecting the personal information of Canadian Forces (CF) members/reservists and their families, and establishes the standard under which the PMFRC collects and uses personal information.
This information pamphlet explains the PMFRC’s practices on the collection, protection, use, sharing and retention of personal information and explains how you may choose whether the PMFRC may collect certain information about you and your family.
The PMFRC adheres to the following 10 principles of the Code.
Accountability: The PMFRC is fully responsible for the maintenance and protection of personal information within its possession. The Executive Director (ED) is accountable for the PMFRC’s compliance with the 10 privacy protection principles. 

Identifying Purposes: The PMFRC is clear and open as to the intended purpose and use of any personal information at the time of collection or at any time afterwards. 
At the time, clients are free to request that their personal information not be used. We fully respect the client’s right to privacy.
Consent: The PMFRC only collects, uses or discloses personal information with the full knowledge and consent of our clients, or as otherwise permitted by the Code. Consent may be given verbally, in writing or electronically depending upon the nature of the circumstances. We will make reasonable efforts to ensure that clients understand how their personal information will be used 

Limited Collection: Any information collected is limited to the details necessary for the purpose identified. Our standard registration forms ensure that only required information is collected. 

Limited Use, Disclosure and Retention: The use, disclosure and retention of confidential client information is limited to the purpose for which it was collected. Except where requires, or as permitted by law, we do not use or disclose such information for any other purpose without our clients’ consent. We only retain such information for as long as necessary for the agreed upon purpose.
Accuracy: The PMFRC will make reasonable efforts to ensure that personal client information is kept accurate, current and complete; updating it as necessary for the information’s original purpose. We respect the client’s right to provide us with current information 
Safeguards: The PMFRC takes the security of client information seriously, and makes every reasonable effort to safeguard personal information. 

Openness: With respect to the management of their confidential information PMFRC clients can be assured that information about our policies and practices is readily available. If you have any concerns please let us know immediately so we can address the issue or explain our policies and practices in further detail. 

Individual Access: Clients, at any time, can request to be informed of the existence, use, and disclosure of their personal information, and, subject to applicable prohibitions or exemptions stipulated by the Code, are given access to such information. Clients always have the right to challenge the accuracy of completeness of their information, and can have it amended by providing written of faxed instructions to the attention of the ED PMFRC. 

Challenging Compliance: If you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions regarding the 10 privacy principles, or the PMFRC’s compliance with them, we have a process in place to allow for the resolution of such concerns. For further information on the complaint procedure please contact our Executive Director, Claudia Beswick at (613) 687-1641 ext. 2228. 

It is the policy of the PMFRC to protect all personal information within its custody. A copy of the complete Privacy Code for Military Family Services is available at the main and satellite locations.