Home Fires Park

Home Fires Park In honour of those who kept and continue to keep the home fires burning

3 Festubert Blvd
Garrison Petawawa

Home Fires Park is an artistic installation. Home Fires Park was created to acknowledge the support provided by Canadian Military spouses, past, present and future. It not only includes the large granite stone, it also encompasses the entire park including the pathways, the white crushed rocks, the small dedicated boulders and the gazebo.The original concept and design for this exciting project are the inspiration and the gift from Randy Chester of Pembroke, Ontario. They stem from Randy’s deep commitment to provide visible recognition for those who play a supportive role in the military community – out of love, only asking in return for the safe journey home of loved ones to their family.

This modernistic design of adult and child appears on the granite monument. The teardrop faces represent tears for those who are away. The adult and child hold the symbolic candle which was used to shine in the family window for a loved one’s return during World War II. The one adult’s foot resembles the base of a “family tree” while the other is free standing, ready to move at a moments notice. The arm of the adult and child blend into one – signifying the bond that parents and children have with each other. Roses, as always the symbol of love, abound at the base of the design.


The magnificent 6’ Canadian Pink Granite monument shows appreciation to all of the spouses and family members who have sacrificed so much in this military lifestyle and have been the main support system for our military members. The inscription in both Official Languages reads “In honour of those who kept and continue to keep the home fires burning."


The pathways of the park represent the many journeys military families make – journeys to shelter, realizing that occasionally the path we take leads us in unexpected directions. The white crushed rocks that line all of the pathways represents Canada from sea to sea, just as members of the Canadian Forces serve from one end of this vast land to the other and beyond. The boulders that line the main pathway are tributes dedicated to all of the spouses and their families from the regimental units, military associations and communities. Each unique boulder is sand-blasted into the name and crest of the dedicating organization and a message to spouses and families. 

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For more information on how to order boulders or bricks, please contact the Recreation Complex at 613-687-2932 or EMAIL.

For more information on having an event or wedding at Home Fires Park, please contact the PSP HQ Office at 613-687-5511 x5225 or EMAIL.